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Facebook Q2 Revenues up 61pct to $2.91 Billion

“We had a good second quarter,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO. “Our community has continued to grow, and we see a lot of opportunity ahead as we connect the rest of the world.”

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Mark Zuckerberg Says Facebook Search Is A Multiyear Voyage

During Facebook’s call with investors yesterday detailing another quarter of runaway financial success, CEO Mark Zuckerberg spent a good amount of time discussing one of the less social aspects of the social network: search. Facebook, he said, is committed to spending the company’s… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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Facebook Tests “Buy” Button In News Feed Ads

“The current test is limited to a few small and medium-sized businesses in the US.”

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Facebook Introduces Multi-Product Ads And Enhanced Custom Audiences by @mattsouthern

This week, Facebook announced two new advertising enhancements that designed to make remarketing on Facebook even more effective. The enhancements include the introduction of multi-product ads, and updates to Custom Audiences from your website. Multi-product ads Facebook’s new Multi-product ads give businesses the opportunity to display three products within a single ad unit, on either …

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Facebook Releases New Version Of Pages Manager For iOS and Android by @mattsouthern

Facebook announced on their Facebook For Businesss blog that they have released an updated version the Pages Manager application for iOS and Android. Facebook Page owners will appreciate the new features as they include easier access to thing Page Owners need every day, such as tools for managing the page, and better navigation to the …

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Watch Time Now Impacts Facebook News Feed Video Rankings

Facebook is updating how it ranks the videos people and Pages upload. The new video ranking considers whether a user has watched a video and for how long. This new metric is in addition to previous considerations such as likes, comments, and shares. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Facebook Notifications: Keeping You Caught Up and Providing Social Engagement Opportunities

Continuing in Ann’s series on notifications, let’s take a look at Facebook and how Facebook keeps us informed and ready to engage. But, first, get caught up in this series by reading these wonderful articles by Ann Smarty herself: How To Manage Twitter Notifications with Tweetdeck How Google Plus Notifications Work: Who You Can Reach …

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Should Facebook Marketers Focus on Likes, Shares, or Promoted Posts?

Should Facebook Marketers Focus on Likes, Shares, or Promoted Posts? Facebook has become a social networking platform with a user base of over a billion. Many SMBs and marketers have had to keep up with Facebook's rapidly changing marketing platform as well as the inherent changes in the social media world. A Facebook handbook can …

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Report: Facebook To Announce Mobile Ad Network Before End Of April

“Facebook will pitch the ads to publishers and developers as a way to leverage the social network’s vast database of user information for better ad targeting.”

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Facebook Wants To Be a Journalist’s Newswire And Partners With Storyful

“Today, we’re excited to announce FB Newswire, a resource that will make it easier for journalists and newsrooms to find, share and embed newsworthy content from Facebook in the media they produce.”

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Facebook Launches Slingshot App To U.S. Users

Slingshot is similar to Snapchat, and allows users to send a photo or video to friends, but they can’t see what’s sent until they send something back.

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4 Ways to Rev Up Your Facebook Reach Like Harley-Davidson

Not every brand has the cult following that Harley-Davidson has boasted for decades. However, brands can take a few pages from Harley’s book on creating a culture around their brand or products that speaks to current and potential customers. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Facebook Q and A: Page Ranking and Organic Reach

Find out what Facebook thinks of the changes its made, and why it made them.

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Facebook Posts See More Engagement on Weekends and After Hours [Study]

TrackMaven studied more than 5,000 Facebook pages and about 1.6 million posts to uncover the best days and times to post status updates, as well as how to structure those updates for maximum visibility. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Eat24: Life Without Facebook by @eat24

Hey guys, As you might have heard, we recently closed our Facebook page. No big deal. Just your average love story: Brand meets social media platform, falls head over heels… then one day the spark is gone so the brand writes a dramatic breakup blog and emails it to a million of their closest friends. Typical …

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