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70% Said Google’s Penguin 2.1 Update Hurt them

About six-months ago, Google unleashed a major update to Penguin, the Penguin 2.1 update. The earlier feedback from that update was that is was a big impact to webmasters and mostly SEOs who used links in an aggressive manner. So I posted a poll asking you how you did with the update… Search Engine Roundtable

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Google’s Effective ‘White Hat’ Marketing Case Study

There’s the safe way & the high risk approach. The shortcut takers & those who win through hard work & superior offering. One is white hat and the other is black hat. With the increasing search ecosystem instability over the past couple years, some see these labels constantly sliding, sometimes on an ex-post-facto basis, turning …

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Google’s Matt Cutts Explains The Differences Between 404 & 410 Status Codes

Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, posted a video today explaining the difference in how Google handles 404 and 410 error status codes. Both 404 and 410s are errors for a web page or document not being available, however a 410 is defined as “gone” forever. So 410s are more… . About SEO, PPC, …

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Google’s Matt Cutts Lobbying To Reward Secure Sites With Better Rankings

Rolfe Winkler on the Wall Street Journal blog reports on “private conversations” that Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts has within Google about rewarding sites with higher rankings in the search results that have better security. This is news that has come out of SMX West,… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & …

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The Aftermath: Clarifications & Expert Reactions To Google’s Move To Secure Paid Search Queries

Yesterday Google announced it is expanding secure search to clicks on paid ads. The change means that the search query a user typed in before clicking on and ad will be dropped from the referrer string in the URL and won’t be passed to analytics or other software other than AdWords. The move… . About …

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Google’s Penguin Algorithm Comes In Different Levels Of Degrees?

It may be the case that some sites impacted by Google’s Penguin update may not be as impacted as the next. Meaning, Google’s algorithms may apply a different degree of the Penguin update (which may feel like a penalty) to one site over an other. Matt Cutts, Google’s head of search… . About SEO, PPC, …

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Google’s Matt Cutts: We Can Improve Our Algorithms For Authorities On Topics

In an interesting video released by Matt Cutts, Google’s head of webspam, Matt answers the question on how Google separates the concept of popularity from authority? The truth is, he answered that question quickly by saying popularity and authority are two different things. The example he… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search …

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Google’s Matt Cutts April Fools Video: No We Won’t Stop Changing; While Shirt Constantly Changes

If you didn’t have enough April Fools day fun today, here is one more for you. In today’s video from Matt Cutts, Matt answered a real question from Dave in the UK, who asked, “When will Google stop updating its search results?” The answer was never! And to prove his point,… . About SEO, PPC, …

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Google’s April Fools’ Day Jokes For 2014: Google Maps Pokémon Challenge, Magic Hand & More

Is it just me, or does it seem like Google starts celebrating April Fools’ Day earlier and earlier every year? No company on the web takes April 1st more seriously than Google, as we’ve been covering for years now: Google’s April Fools’ Day 2013 Joke-A-Thon: YouTube… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search …

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Google’s Matt Cutts: Almost All Penalties Are For Quality Violations

The other day, Steve Plunkett asked Matt Cutts of Google, what percentage of penalties/filters are based on violations of Google’s Quality Guidelines versus technology issues or bugs on the webmaster side? Search Engine Roundtable

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Google’s Patent on Site Speed as a Ranking Signal

On April 9th, 2009, many people developed an interest in speeding up their websites, after reading a post on the Google Webmaster Central Blog – Using site speed in web search ranking. On the same day, Google’s Matt Cutts published Google incorporating site speed in search rankings on his blog. These posts introduced site speed …

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Google’s Mr. Jingles On A Wedding Cake

Search Engine Roundtable

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Google’s Panda Granted a Patent on Ranking Search Results

One of the most impactful updates at Google was the Panda Update, released into the world in February of 2011, and affecting almost “12%” of all search results. In a Wired interview of Google’s Amit Singhal and Matt Cutts, TED 2011: The ‘Panda’ That Hates Farms: A Q&A With Google’s Top Search Engineers, the name …

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Google’s Matt Cutts On Telling If Your Site Was Hit By Algorithm

The truth is, for an experienced SEO, this video sheds nothing new about the question on determining if your site was hit by an algorithm or not… Search Engine Roundtable

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Google’s Mobile Ordering Ahead Patent

Will Google be transforming the way that we order from restaurants and other merchants such as pharmacists? A patent application published by Google this past week points to the possibility. Google has been experimenting with showing menus from restaurants in its search results recently, and added them as reported in Search Engine Land on Friday …

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