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Using Universal Analytics to Measure Interaction with Assets that Live on Different Sites

This is a technical post that requires an understanding of JavaScript or at least a technical understanding of the web. The new version of Google Analytics, Universal Analytics, has a little gem in it called the Measurement Protocol. The Measurement Protocol lets you send data to your GA account using HTTP POST requests. In other …

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Google’s Festivus Pole Goes Live In The Search Results

It is that time of the year again, if you search for [Festivus] in Google, you will see a Festivus pole show up on the left hand side rail. Here is a picture: Google adds the Festivus pole every year but it seems this year it went live a bit early. That being said, you …

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Google’s Dreidels Decorations Live The Night Before Hanukkah

If you search on Google for [hanukkah], [dreidel] or similar Hanukkah themed searches, you will see the holiday bar at the top of the search results. This year, Google uses a blueish bar with dreidels, a four-sided spinning top used by Jewish children during the holiday. Last year, Google had… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, …

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SES Conference Undergoes Rebranding, Will Now be Known as ClickZ Live by @mattsouthern

An email sent from Incisive Media announced that the SES Conference & Expo will be rebranded as ClickZ Live. The email states: In a natural transition that recognizes the ever-evolving changes taking place in the digital marketing industry and the more diverse educational needs of today’s marketing community, our global SES Conference and Expo series, …

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Incisive Media To Kill SES Brand, Rename Conference “ClickZ Live”

SES — formerly Search Engine Strategies — is about to undergo another name change, this time to “ClickZ Live.” The news comes from an email that Incisive Media sent to various contributors. From the email: Tomorrow is a big day for ClickZ and its sister brands Search Engine… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines …

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The Failure of Authorship, or, How I Learned to Live with the Blog

You might think from my email that everyone and their brother wants to write for SEO Theory. Of course, about 99-100% of the people who contact me for guest posting opportunities don’t actually look to see what the blog is about. At least, their emails don’t indicate they have any clue as to who I …

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Live from Pubcon: Keynote with Scott Stratten

Scott Stratten is always an entertaining speaker. He couples a dynamic stage presence with humor — and humor that we all, as marketers, relate to. Scott’s presentations are FAR from boring.  Brand Experiences Scott first started off by sharing a story that many parents with small kids can relate to. A family went on vacation …

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Live from Pubcon: Matt Cutts Keynote

This morning Matt Cutts gave his keynote at Pubcon, discussing what Google has been up to this past year and what some of its plans are for 2014.  Looking Back Over 2013 This past year has been a busy one for Google. As Matt said, they have been tasked to take on “moonshot” projects — …

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Live from Pubcon: Campaign Development for Content Marketing

In this session, Phillip Thune of Textbroker International, Jenneva Vargas of BeautyArmy and Steve Floyd of AXZM discussed various approaches to targeting content creation and distribution. Phillip Thune Phillip was up first . Textbroker is a place where companies can get freelance content written. He started off by sharing two resources to help with content …

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Google AdWords Review Ad Extensions Going Live

In June, Google released a beta of a new form of AdWords extensions for showing third-party reviews. That beta is now being rolled out to all advertisers over the next few days… Search Engine Roundtable

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MarketingProfs B2B 2013 Live Blogging Roundup

Last week, the Fall 2013 marketing conference bonanza continued with MarketingProfs B2B Forum in Boston, where our own Sarah Wyland was live-blogging away some of the best sessions on B2B content marketing, lead generation, search marketing, and analytics. In case you missed the MPB2B conference last week (or just want to relive all the B2B …

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Bing Ads Analysis Tools Go Live: Dimensions Tab, Performance Comparison Graph

Bing Ads launched two very handy tools today that make account analysis from within the web interface a reality. The Dimensions Tab provides a shortcut to performing campaign analysis and includes access the fantastic Distribution graph. If you’re not using the distribution graph already, do… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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Live from MarketingProfs B2B: Content Marketing In The Age of Crap

All brands like attention. In an age when everyone is saying ‘look at me!’, a steady stream of content from your brand isn’t enough anymore. You must deliver intelligent, entertaining content that people – your customers – want to share. Doug Kessler – Co-founder, Creative Director, Velocity Partners   As content marketing goes mainstream, it …

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Live From MarketingProfs B2B: Making Big Data Smaller

Data can be overwhelming. Copious amounts are available to us, whether through tools such as Google Analytics and or through research companies and surveys. While the jungle of data may look scary, it’s not so bad, once it’s tamed to a manageable size. Making big data smaller is a key step towards optimizing your business. …

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Live From MarketingProfs B2B: SEO & PPC Tips to Grow Your Business

SEO and PPC are integral parts of growing your business. With all ever-changing search landscape, it’s important to stay informed of the most recent changes and to also understand how they affect your business. Stephen Spencer – Author & Founder, Science of SEO One of the most important things to understand about SEO is that …

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