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Twitter Cards: A Quick Start Guide

Twitter cards are one social media marketing tool you can’t afford to ignore. By going beyond basic tweets to include videos, pictures, and other information, your business can integarate a transactional message into the conversation. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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How to Use Twitter Lead Gen Cards to Increase Newsletter Sign-ups

Newsletters are an amazing marketing tool, but building a large newsletter audience can be tough. You can run Twitter lead gen cards for free. Just don’t promote it, and you never have to pay a dime. Here’s how you do it. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Twitter Is Making Direct Messaging More Private And User Friendly by @mattsouthern

Twitter announced on Friday that changes are coming to their direct messages are sent and stored across the network. Twitter’s support account made the announcement via a Tweet that emphasized the upgrade would make deleting DMs more consistent: Over the next few weeks, we’re rolling out an update that makes deleting DMs more consistent across web …

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Twitter Really Wants You To Use Twitter Ads

John Doherty shared a picture on Twitter of an ad from Twitter within his iOS Twitter app. The ad is asking him to use Twitter Ads. Here is a screen shot: I guess Twitter is eager to get more advertisers using their ad system… Search Engine Roundtable

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The 58 SEO’s Authorities on Twitter You Need to Follow

I'm pretty sure you'll agree with me that there's A LOT of SEO information already out there. But the question is: How do you know which information you can trust…and which may penalize your site down the road? Well the first place to look is the source of the information. Thats why Kevin Raposo and …

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Tweet Analytics: Wow Twitter Analytics

I am pretty active on Twitter, so being able to see my statistics/analytics with stuff I share on Twitter can be interesting. Twitter announced the availability of Organic Tweet Analytics. You can access it at analytics.twitter.com… Search Engine Roundtable

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Twitter Refreshes Tweet Activity Analytics Dashboard

Twitter has refreshed its tweet activity dashboard.

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Twitter Offers Data-Backed Tips On How To Engage With Millennials by @mattsouthern

Twitter recently released a report sharing some key insights into how millennials prefer to engage on Twitter. In addition, the report also provides data-backed tips about the best ways to build a rapport with this demographic. The information in the report comes from an online survey of U.S. Twitter users who signed into the platform …

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Twitter Engagement Study: Top Apps, Content Sources & Profiles Among Search Marketers

In its latest report, “How Search Marketers Engage on Twitter,” social insights company Leadtail looked at hundreds of U.S. search marketers (SEMs) on Twitter to discover what topics they talked about and which content they consumed and shared. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Influential Twitter Accounts Indexed More in Google [Research]

Stone Temple Consulting released findings of research today that showed indexation of Twitter pages was low in Google search results overall, but that influential Twitter accounts with specific types of tweets were indexed more. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Bing Ups Its Twitter Game: Rolls Out Hashtag & Twitter Handle Search Features

Starting this week, Bing users are going to see even more Twitter content in search results. As a result of an exclusive partnership between the two companies that started in 2009, tweets have been showing up in Bing search results for some time. With Bing’s latest round of new… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search …

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What Matt Cutts Thinks About Twitter Adding Animated GIF Support

Yesterday, Twitter made top headlines by adding support for animated GIFs. Yes, Twitter is now complete. You can post pictures of your favorite animated GIF with your friends… Search Engine Roundtable

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Twitter Now Supports Animated GIFs: Why This Is Good For Marketers by @mattsouthern

Twitter made an announcement today that many of us have all been waiting for: You can now share and view animated GIFs on Twitter.com and on Twitter’s iOS and Android apps. The announcement came in the form of a tweet from Twitter’s Support team, and appropriately enough it included an animated GIF as well. Starting …

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Amazon Introduces Add To Cart Social Shopping Capability Via Twitter

“If you spot an Amazon product link on Twitter, you can now add it to your shopping cart just by responding to the tweet with the hashtag…”

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Twitter UK Moves To A New Nest

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