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Google: Test Us How You’re Using The Webmaster Tools API

Google’s John Mueller posted on Google+ a question on how users, webmasters and developers are using the Google Webmaster Tools API. John wrote: I’d love to see more of how the Webmaster Tools API is being used… Search Engine Roundtable

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Case Study: Using Contests To Build Links

It’s common knowledge certain markets are harder to build links for than others. For the most, part highly competitive industries are tough because they are highly competitive (and they’ve been worked to death), but less competitive markets can also be difficult because of the demographic behind them. Such was the case for a client we took on …

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5 SEO Techniques You Should Stop Using Immediately

When you’re doing your site’s SEO, you have to be careful. The techniques that used to work will now get you penalized. The techniques that used to be a waste of time are now indispensable. Now and then, we need to be reminded what works and what doesn’t. As it stands today, there are five …

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What You Should and Should NOT Be Using Guest Blogging for

Now that My Blog Guest has been penalized by Google for distributing manipulative links, the usual chorus of “white hat SEO is dead” and “Google is destroying small businesses” has risen up to quell the facts. Before you jump on… Read more → SEO Theory

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Using Followerwonk to Build Relationships and Assemble a Dream Team of Prospects

Prospecting for possible linking opportunities is a lot like selecting players for a team. You have to search high and low for the best players. You have to conduct multiple trials to determine if a player will provide better results than another person. You are going to have to make some tough calls and make …

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The Powerful Twitter Tactic 73% of You Aren’t Using

Some things are so simple they end up getting ignored. Sometimes, though, these simple strategies that end up getting ignored are so powerful that the fact that they’re getting ignored warrants a blog post. This is that blog post. In the past two weeks, I gave the same Twitter recommendation to three of our clients. …

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Using First-Party Data For SEM On Google & Way Beyond!

As a general rule, the marketer with the most actionable data wins. There are many types of data but the most useful kind — the GlenGarry data — is first-party data. This article will show you how you can use the data you already have about your best (and worst) customers to improve… . About …

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13 Reasons why you should be using Bing Webmaster Tools

While Bing may only make up a small percentage of your overall search traffic, it can provide you with some useful tools and data that many people overlook. Bing Webmaster Tools: If you haven’t got around to setting up a Bing Webmaster Tools account, then don’t delay it any further. You may be under the …

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Using Email & Content Marketing in Tandem: An Interview with Jon Oleaga by @murraynewlands

In 2014, it’s nearly impossible to go online and not come across the words content or content marketing—it’s inescapable and the reality is – it’s just getting started. With new technology and social media channels popping up all around us, and Facebook and Google reworking their algorithms to show us more of it, it’s safe …

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Using Facebook Custom Audiences For Untapped Social Remarketing

As remarketing continues to grow, advertisers are beginning to see more and more unique ways to re-engage their target market. One such option is Facebook’s Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences allows advertisers to enter email addresses, phone numbers, Facebook user IDS, app user IDs, and IDFAs (Identifier for Advertising) into Facebook. If there is a match, a …

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Starbucks & The Economist Admit To Using Google+ Mostly For SEO Benefits by @mattsouthern

The New York Times published a report last Friday dissecting the benefits of Google+; they believe Google benefits more than its users do, but also highlighted two major brands using the network to enhance their SEO efforts. Reporter Claire Cain Miller starts off by making a case that even though Google+ isn’t much of a competitor …

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Starbucks & The Economist Admit To Using Google+ For SEO More Than Social

Last Friday, a New York Times report on Google+ spotlighted Starbucks and The Economist as two brands currently using Google+ to impact search efforts. Alex Wheeler, Starbuck’s vice president of global digital marketing, told The New York Times, “When we think about posting on Google+,… . About SEO, PPC, SEM, Search Engines & Search Marketing

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Best Practices When Using Yelp for Business

We’re all guilty of it! At one point or another we’ve all had such a bad experience with a business that we want to tell everyone and their mother so the company doesn’t make another cent off of you and your friends. It’s well known that word of mouth can be damaging enough; however, in …

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Using Optical Character Recognition for Better On-Page SEO

Normal SEO advice dictates that text in images is sub-optimal. Google can parse it, but it usually won’t: Taken from http://seogadget.com/author/richardbaxterseo/ Why rely on Google expending more processing cycles to understand your content when you could just give them the text to parse? Since most Ecommerce sites tend to be a little thin on the …

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