Why We Need Control in PPC

Modifiers are the answer to many PPC issues. Rather than taking control away from advertisers, modifiers would give marketers the control we need. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Bing Releases Image Search Widget

Bing has provided access to the code necessary to display its search result images on websites. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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The NSA Has a Hush-Hush Google-Like Search Engine

The search tool, ICREACH, is reportedly capable of handling 2 to 5 billion new records every day, including email, phone call, fax, Internet, and text message metadata. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Bing, Following Google, Will Test Close Variants in Exact Match

Bing says it will test the inclusion of close variants in exact match for a portion of queries, which some say helps pave the way for a future with keywordless search. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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LinkedIn: How to spark more engagement with your followers

Do you want to create more engagement with your LinkedIn followers? As we found out in April of this year, LinkedIn company pages underwent a major change. The products and services section was removed, much to people’s disappointment as this was a logical place for companies to showcase their products and services. But don’t let …

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Panda Has a Smartphone – Here Are 7 Things You Can Do to Test It Now

When dealing with Panda attacks, it’s extremely important to understand user engagement from both a desktop and mobile standpoint. Webmasters need to understand both the percentage of mobile users hitting their sites and how happy those users are. That Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Hack or Glitch? Google Image Search Only Displays Car Crash

On August 26, Google Image Search users were shown images of a Russian car crash rather than results related to the actual search terms they used. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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A Hack to Track Local Carousel Traffic

Proving the fruit of your labor can sometimes be tricky for anyone working to increase local visibility for a client. If the business is in the local pack, that’s one thing. But if a business appears in the local carousel, things get less clear because they’re ranked horizontally instead of vertically. And even if you …

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Building a new website? 10 reasons why you should consider SEO from the start!

Whether you’re just starting out and building a website from scratch, or you’re looking to give your current website a makeover, pulling your SEO team in from the start will save you time in the long run. I see it time and time again. A website is built, then the SEOs are pulled in to …

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2013 Mobile Ad Revenue Hits $19.3B, Including Gains in Search

A recent report by The Interactive Advertising Bureau and IHS show mobile ad revenue nearly doubled in 2013 from 2012, with mobile search ads growing globally. Search Engine Watch – Latest

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Identifying Entity Types and the Transfiguration of Search @Google

The World Wide Web is a vast resource for information. At the same time it is extremely distributed. A particular type of data such as restaurant lists may be scattered across thousands of independent information sources in many different formats. In this paper, we consider the problem of extracting a relation for such a data …

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Loah Qwality Add Werds Clix Four U

Google recently announced they were doing away with exact match AdWords ad targeting this September. They will force all match types to have close variant keyword matching enabled. This means you get misspelled searches, plural versus singular overlap, and an undoing of your tight organization. In some cases the user intent is different between singular …

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StumbleUpon Remarketing

For years I’ve used a combination of StumbleUpon and Google Remarketing to cheaply and efficiently open the top of the funnel for start-ups. I don’t hear much about this tactic (though perhaps I’m not looking in the right places) so here’s a little explanation on this handy growth hack. StumbleUpon You remember StumbleUpon right? A …

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Call To Action Plugins For WordPress

It is a basic fact. Each page on your website should have a purpose. Generally you want a website visitor to DO SOMETHING as a result of visiting your page. Don't be arrogant enough to say, well a user can find our phone number in the footer if they need to call. Your website exists …

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Why and how to create great content: part 2

Hello again – you must be back here because you read part 1 of this blog post a couple of weeks ago. Undoubtedly you will have been waiting patiently to learn about some of the processes we use here at White.net when looking at content creation and strategy, and luckily for you that is exactly …

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